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Revamping the Study

My weekend project (which took a total of three full days) was to redo our study. My first hurdle when attempting this project was, apparently, calling the room a ‘study.’ A girlfriend started laughing at me and said, “Nobody calls it a ‘study’ anymore! It’s a ‘home office!’ ” Well, call me old-fashioned, but it’s my room gosh-darn it! I can call it a study if I want to! From my viewpoint, it’s part office, part library, part makeup room when the boyfriend is hogging the bathroom. So. It’s my STUDY.

The project began Friday morning when I surveyed the mess that was in there. I began to slowly clean out the clutter, going through items, throwing stuff away, marking others for Goodwill or to sell. Here’s a photo of how the room looked “before,” though I’d already done a bit of cleaning at this point:

Maybe it doesn’t look that bad to you, but it was awful just trying to get to anything inside the room, much less on the desk itself!

By late afternoon, the study was pretty empty except for the desk itself, and my living room looked like this:

I left a small path for us to walk through the room, but otherwise, it was crammed full of all our study junk.

Now the hard part began. My deal with the boyfriend was I’d do all the painting if he stayed out of my hair and put the new bookshelves together. He thought it was a pretty sweet deal, but hey, so did I. You haven’t seen him paint.

I taped off all the wood trim that was in the room (including the inside of the closet you can’t see in the picture), and started priming. I figured an hour, tops, to get a coat of primer on the trim. After all, it was just baseboard trim, door trim, and the windows, right? Two and a half hours later it’s 11:30 p.m. and I’m finally finished priming. I go to bed.

Saturday morning comes a bit too soon and I’m back in the room ready to paint the trim white. By 3 p.m. I’ve got two nice coats of white paint down and the room is already looking completely different. My better half has one of the three shelves put together and is watching a soccer game on tv. Humph.

By 6 p.m., I’ve pulled all the painters tape off from around the trim, and retaped the room so the walls are ready to go. The better half has another bookshelf put together and says, “You don’t have to do it all today, honey.” But I DO. It must get done! I cannot stop now! Mostly because I know if I stop now, my fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and back will protest way too much on Sunday and I will not be able to finish at all. So, I plunge on.

By 11:30 that night, just a bit over 24 hours since I began, all the painting is FINALLY DONE. I go to bed again.

Sunday morning dawns way too fast, and I ache. All over. Painting really does a job on your joints, even if you think you’re still a young’un. But, the project must get finished this weekend! So I take the tape off, spend a few lazy moments admiring my paint job and patting myself on the back for keeping the boyfriend out of it….  then I clean, sweep, mop and we move all our crap back into the room.

6 p.m. on Sunday, here’s our final results:

Every single one of my books is OFF THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!! Of course, the shelves are full… might need more soon. But the trim is gorgeous and I actually love the wall color. It’s a little pink-looking in this photo, but in actuality it’s a nice purple-gray. Everything is clean and has a place for it. Even HIS side of the room is picked up for once!

No more room redos for a while though…. 🙂


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