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Ohh….wow…heaven in a cupcake

I found a little package of heaven over lunch today.

A friend and I went out to Briarcliff today because I wanted to go to Urban Arts & Crafts store, which carries a great line of Amy Butler fabric. I’ve decided to make a tote bag for my sister for her birthday this month (hopefully she doesn’t read my blog post anytime soon) and since I wanted to make an Amy Butler tote, I decided to remain true to form and get Amy Butler fabric. Here’s a picture of the fabric I bought:

The polka dot pattern will be the straps and top part of the bag. The darker fabric with the daisies will be the large outside part of the bag. The solid pea green is the inside lining. I hope she loves it! I love it! I want it if she doesn’t….

Anyways, after shopping, my friend and I were headed back to the car when we passed by a new store in the area called Sugar Mama’s. It looked SO yummy from the outside that we just had to go in! The had cupcakes, cookies, chocolate truffles, and some other specialty items. We each got a cupcake, to go. They boxed them up in the cutest little packages! And let me tell you, mine was DIVINE….

My razzle dazzle, chocolate and raspberry cupcake.

My friend got a mint chocolate one. Hers is still nestled gently in its box. How she has the willpower to keep it there, I’ll never know….

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, or need a little bite of heaven in a box, visit Sugar Mama’s!

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