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Four hangups, you’re out

Today, I tried to call the Kansas City Wizards hotline. I have tickets to their soccer game this Saturday, and I needed to check on something. I used a relay system, per usual, since I don’t hear well enough to understand voices over the telephone. I got an automated spiel, which the operator dutifully recorded and translated for me.

I chose to ‘Press 1,’ since it appeared to be the only option for a live customer service representative. A man, “Mike,” answered (rather ‘impolitely,’ as the operator put it) and promptly hung up on us.

Now, I’ve had this happen many times before. People assume that the relay is some sort of sales call and they just hang up on you without listening to anything more. A sales person, however, doesn’t attempt to call back immediately. So, if I do call back right away, the receiving party usually listens better the second time around.

This was not the case with Mike. Mike chose to hang up on me four times in a row without allowing any type of explanation. How infuriatingly rude is that?

Finally, I decided to press another number and try to get ahold of another person on the line. I was successful, spoke to someone who was much more helpful, and forwarded my call to the right department. It was an answering machine, so my question still hasn’t been answered, but at least I wasn’t hung up on.

Mike, however, and the Wizards customer service line, will be receiving a complaint from me.

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