What up with that?

Yes, I voluntarily drove…

To the dentist yesterday for two cavity fillings. I think my foot hit the brakes at least 42 times on the way, and my arms had a mind of their own and tried to steer me home instead. But eventually, I found myself back in the dentist chair staring straight at those HUMONGOUS needles they stick in your gums to numb you up. *sigh*

I really really really don’t like needles. I had to have several spinal taps when I was 2-1/2 years old and sick with spinal meningitis. Even though I don’t remember that ordeal, I have had a lifelong fear of needles. I have faced this fear quite a few times over my life (drawing blood, getting a tattoo), but never quite conquered it. It’s always there.

Here’s the dental kicker…. the guy starts drilling and I’m thinking “this isn’t right, something is wrong” and OH MY GOSH he hit a nerve and I FELT it. I must have jumped 30 feet in the air. It was horrendous.

So, I get double shots of Novocaine in both sides of the top jaw, and he’s off drilling again. The rest of the visit was uneventful, but I could not stop shaking.

24-hours later, the teeth are fine but I can sure feel the spots where the needles went into the gums.

Who in their right mind would voluntarily drive themselves to such torture!?! Me, I guess. Ugh…

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