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Eating at Thirsty’s

A girlfriend asked me to join her at the River Market in Kansas City for lunch yesterday. I LOVE the River Market! I don’t get out there very often, but it’s the coolest little area of town.

Before lunch, we went to The Planters Seed & Spice Company. I’ve never been there before, and it’s the coolest place ever! They have tons of bagged spices, hand-mixed spices, ground coffee, etc. Not to mention all the fabulous stuff to feed your lawn with — fertilizers, grass seed, etc. I bought some taco seasoning, Jamaican jerk spice, and a couple bags of various dip mixes. If you ever get out that way, check out this store.


Then, with all our bags of delicious smelling spices, we went to Thirsty’s Cantina for lunch. Thirsty’s is located at 529 Walnut in the River Market, and it’s the best Pub Food I’ve had in awhile.

I ordered the grilled chicken and bacon sandwich, which was so yummy I ate the whole darn thing!

Grilled Chicken and Bacon sandwich on Marbled Rye

My friend ordered their taco salad. And it was huge! She said she would eat the whole thing. I said I’d photograph the empty plate when she was done. As you can see, there’s no empty plate photo on this post, so, FAIL! But it was sure yummy anyway.

Taco Salad

I highly recommend both these places as a great way to spend a lovely lunch hour.



2 thoughts on “Eating at Thirsty’s

  1. I’m so glad to see some recommendations for places to go in the River Market. I was just planning an outing in Dec. with a girlfriend to celebrate my birthday and wanted to explore some new places. Planters looks really neat too!


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