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I’m Boycotting Netflix

Dear Netflix, enough is enough.

I’ve been a loyal member since October of 2007. I love the ease of choosing movies I want to see online, receiving movies in the mail instead of having to go out and look for them, and watching television shows and movies using the Instant feature … oh.. wait… I can’t do that!

Being one of 36 million Americans who have hearing loss, I think I deserve to be able to watch the same shows everyone else does, in the same manner they do. This means I need captions or subtitles as available options online or via a streaming television box. Does Netflix offer this? Well… supposedly.

Out of Netflix’s library of 10 thousand movies and 20 thousand programs, guess how many have captions or subtitles? Yes, please, GUESS! Because the answer is pathetic.


Out of 30,000 choices. 300.

This is why I’m choosing to leave Netflix. I’m choosing to go with companies that can offer me the same flexible choices, with much more accessible options. I choose Red Box. I choose the local video store down the street. I choose Hulu online.

Netflix, I do not choose you.


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