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Eating Bill Self

Don’t you love that headline? No, it’s not dirty. And no, I’m going to talk basketball. I AM going to talk food….

Enter, the 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas, where I ate with a group of friends and family over the holidays. This is a great place to eat and a fabulous pub atmosphere. They brew small batches of handcrafted beers and lagers, and served exceptionally tasty food.

Case in point: The Bill Self plate. Which is what I ordered. Thus, I can say I ate Bill Self. *big grin* God, I’m funny…

So, The Bill Self is a large platter of made-from-scratch macaroni and cheese, with spicy buffalo chicken tenders on top of it. The wonderful creaminess of the mac-n-cheese helps offset the spiciness of the buffalo chicken. It was a fantastic dish!

The Bill Self

The other dish of note that I thought was beautiful and tasty was the calzone that my brother ordered. He got the Craigs Italiano Calzone, stuffed with italian sausage and a bunch of other good stuff.


Craigs Italiano Calzone

As you can see, it’s huge! He barely made a dent in it. YUMMY for leftovers though!

In all, this place was tip-top. Go there, try the food and sample the beer! And eat Bill Self. *grin*

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