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Pincushion organizer – one for you and one for me

This weekend I started working on my Make Mine Modern swap package. I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile, but I just hadn’t gotten down to sewing it. Then I started seeing these things pop up all over! So I guess I’m a copycat… but my partner said she wanted some pincushion/organizing item, so here it is!

The one on the left is mine 🙂  The one on the right is for my partner, made with Kate Spain’s Central Park line and some lovely sandblast linen.

Pincushion Organizer

Mine was the practice piece, so I could be sure to make hers perfectly. One thing I did notice, even though I followed the pattern instructions, I don’t feel the weight bag is heavy enough to keep the organizer from falling off the table if you put enough trash in the bag. I may go to a hardware store and get some metal weights to sew onto the bottom, just to give it a big of extra stability.

Pattern comes from Oh Fransson! and her wonderful small-project tutorials.

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