P2 2011 · Quilt-Along

A beachy P2

With all this rain we’re having in the Midwest, it’s nice to work on a quilt with a distinctive beachy feel. The Patchwork Squared quilt-along gives me that sunny, beachy, free feeling. I love the mango-azure colorway that I’m using, and I love how all the blocks are looking!

I realized I haven’t shown you any of the blocks, so here we go!

The first week, we were told to make a Center Block of any design we chose.

Center block

The following week, we were given instructions for the first two blocks.

Block 1 - center aisle
Block 2 - biggest fan

Last week, the next two block instructions came. A little harder this time…

Block 3 - diamond mine
Block 4 - fourth inning

And with that, we are halfway though the quilt-along! I love how it’s coming along. Can’t wait to see the completed quilt! Look at the flickr group, if you want to see more.

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