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KCMQG Chef Swap {received}

The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild held a Chef Swap finale on June 9th. Two months previously, we each brought a package of scrap fabric that we wanted someone else to make into kitchen items. As we left the meeting, we picked up someone else’s package to create with. It was all top secret and you had no idea who was working on whose items.

My package was drawn by Patty Simmons, a member who has some gorgeous projects on her Flickr stream. I was unable to attend the June 9th meeting, so Patty decided to mail my items to me. How nice was that? Two days ago, I received my package. Here it is in all its picturesque glory (or at least as much as an iPhone will allow).

My package, wrapped so prettily!


A set of dishtowels, wrapped in a lovely ribbon that says "follow your dreams."


Side view of the dishtowels. There's so many!


Dishtowels laid out to show the edging details.


Front of a beautiful trivet pad (well I'm going to use it as a trivet pad).


Back of the trivet pad.




Detail of the fabric flower that is pinned to the apron.


Me in my new apron. See how it matches the kitchen???


So, I LOVE all my items and they go fabulously with my kitchen decor. The craftsmanship is simply incredible. Patty did an awesome job and I can’t wait to see her at the next guild meeting and thank her in person. Every item will get used quite happily!

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