A little personal time

Remembering Grampy

Donna and Vern (Grampy) Anderson


The end of 2011 was both good and hard for me. We had a vacation planned for Colorado for New Years Eve weekend. A bunch of us went to a Ween concert in Denver, visited Fort Collins, and hit up a bunch of breweries. In all, it was great.

We also stopped by to visit my Grampy, Vern Anderson, who lives in Aurora with his wife, Donna. We knew he was in the hospital with a pancreatic infection, but had been told he’d been getting better. On New Years Eve day, we stopped by to see him. He was doing ok, I think, for not having any solid food for four days. He was a little in and out of it, because of the drugs. But Donna reiterated that he was doing much better than he had been. We stayed for about an hour, until he was too tired to talk anymore, then we headed out.

On New Years Day, we received the news. He’d taken a turn for the worse. He passed away that afternoon.

I will always remember Grampy as the strong carpenter who loved to tease me. Who was always fun, taught me to putt golf, and had the best laugh ever. Love you Grampy.


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