OMGOMGOMG *squeal*

LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my For the Love of Solids secret swap package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously LOVE this sewing machine cover! And pincushion and little tray that is just perfect for my supplies that usually lay strewn all over the table.

Each side of the cover is different! SO FREAKIN’ COOL. I cannot believe this is mine. I saw it pop up in the flickr pool of photos in the swap and thought NO WAY. I love that! No way I’m lucky enough to get it! So I nearly died when it showed up on my doorstep!

Here’s my supplies all tidily put away in the tray.


So, deets: my darling secret swap partner from the For the Love of Solids swap is Leanne from she can quilt! She blogged about making this for me too; you can read that here. And yes, as you can tell from the photos, it fits well! Nicely oversized so I’m not tugging it down trying to get it to fit. Slides right over and looks great! I love how she used the espresso brown and the blues and greens that match my living room and kitchen. She really took the time to look at my colors and mosaic and made something that I love and will use for a long time to come (if not forever!).

The boyfriend approves too. When he saw it, he nodded his head and said, “Now our dining room looks cleaner with the machine hidden.” Pshhheeeeeesh.



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