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Will recovery never end?

It’s only day 5, but I feel like I should be much farther along in my recovery process than I am. Thus, I broke down miserably this morning, just as dad showed up to visit. It was nice to have a father to cry to for a bit. And then admonish me that I never was patient and that recovery takes time and I’m doing just wonderfully. Love ya dad 🙂

I’m taking antibiotics to prevent infection. Supposed to take them 3 times a day, but they make me queasy and I don’t feel like eating when I take them. Plus my mouth tastes like metal. In order to bypass the nausea, I was prescribed anti-nausea pills that melt on your tongue. I’ve only taken these twice because they cause headaches. Then there’s the pain pills, which seem to help but when dosed with antibiotics too, just wreck havoc on my system. *sigh*  Cannot wait to be drug-free (haha)

The pain pills also make me sleepy. So I try to nap whenever I can. It’s been literally impossible to get comfortable though! I can’t sleep on my left side, obviously, as that’s where the surgery was. So I have to lay on my right side. Sometimes the backside is ok for a few moments, but not long enough to sleep. When I try to lay horizontally, all the blood in my body seems to rush to my head and causes it to pound horrendously. Thus, I sleep upright, leaning towards my right, on the living room couch. *BIG SIGH*

I can’t bend over without feeling like my head is going to explode. I have to be really careful not to blow my nose too hard. and I CANNOT SNEEZE. I’m deathly afraid each day that I’ll suddenly sneeze and blow the darn thing right out of my ear.

I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy or put any undue stress on my head/shoulders, so Mat has been patiently waiting on me hand and foot. I must say (again) he’s a total angel and has been so fabulous this entire time. Not to mention all my lovely family members who have come up and sat with me for awhile.

And I’m kinda scared to touch my left ear… it’s all sore and a bit swollen. And half numb. Which I hope is really normal!

I have to remember that it’s not all bad! I am very lucky to have no dizziness or vertigo spells at all.

I’ve seen a lot of movies and caught up on a lot of tv shows.

I have wonderful friends who send flowers.

I have two cats who keep my company all day long.

I get to enjoy scented baths, like this one: a sea salt bath with sea kelp in it.

And, even though they shaved my hair, you really can’t see it much!

close up of stitched area:

So, here is to surviving 3 more days of drugs and dirty hair. And people, you know who you are, thank you for you!


5 thoughts on “Will recovery never end?

  1. Heard about your surgery from your mom. Very excited for you! Steph had nasal surgery about a month ago and she couldn’t sneeze either. Still sore and they gave her some steroids to help alleviate some pressure she had been feeling last week. When you jack with your head, recovery takes time. Just hang in there. Nothing seems to keep you down long.


  2. Just be zen. Remember that your body is a most complicated thing and you need to allow it the time it needs to recover. The pills may be awful but an infection would be far worse. And do take advantage of your dad’s shoulder often, he won’t mind. It is so exciting that you have undertaken this journey, but remember it is a journey. I will keep sending you my best thoughts.


  3. Jim, Jesse, Becca and I were all were all talking about you and sending our best healing wishes your way yesterday. What a brave thing to do, to undertake changing the way you perceive the world! We hope that you will soon be pain and nausea free. We recognize that there will be a challenging period of adjustment ahead and we want your ultimate experience with hearing to be everything you want it to be! Love, Sue


  4. Sarah, When you’re hurting and feeling lousy, keep reminding yourself of all the “and it came to pass” phrases in the Bible. This is only for a season–before you know it you’ll be feeling great and your bubbly self again. You have a lot of people pulling for you and keeping you in their prayers. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon! -Linda


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