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TV is gonna do me in

First, thanks to all of you who gave me words of support during the worst of my recovery. I appreciate each and every one of you!

The day of my last post was also my turning point. Things have gotten steadily better since then. Pain is less, nausea is gone and I slept a full 8 hours in my own bed last night! I’m actually beginning to get restless and so tired of the television. This week of inactivity, now that I feel better, is definitely taking it’s toll. Guess I gotta have something to complain about 😉

Here’s a quick list off the top of my head.

Movies watched: 21 Jump Street, Mirror Mirror, Transformers – Dark side of the Moon, Melancholia, The Help, The Artist, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, Watchmen, Sherlock Holmes.

TV shows: Lost Season 1 and part of Season 2, Storage Wars marathon, and the usual evening television shows I follow.

Books read: 3. Working on the 4th.

And I still have the weekend to go!


Recovery Pro Tip:

You know that metallic taste you can get after taking meds sometimes? Freezer pops totally wipe it out.


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