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johnny utah’s remains {fuchsia skull}

I freaking LOVE that title. And I love this quilt! Maybe because it’s so cool and FINALLY my first quilty finish of 2012?? I cannot believe it’s already July and I have a serious lack of completed crafts to show for it.

This quilt was a personal request from my boyfriend’s best friend, Johnny Utah. Johnny Utah is a drummer. Not the type of person you’d think would request a handmade quilt. I was slightly shocked but then I thought how fun could this be?!? He saw the Mr. Hooty Owl Quilt I made for Mat last year and really liked the modular design of it. The owl quilt is from the Dare to Be Squared book, which also had a skull design in it. PERFECT for Johnny Utah. When I showed him the design, he requested the colors pink and brown.

Yes, you read that right: Pink and Brown.

Now, from a quilter perspective, I’m sure you all know how HARD it is to find pink fabric that is not flowers and swirls and girly things. It took me months to find the manliest hot pink fabrics I could, that spoke to me of skulls and brains and bad boy attitudes. So even though this quilt was requested almost a year ago, I only finalized the fabrics and started cutting them out last fall.

Then life got in the way and {insert every excuse you can think of here} and Johnny’s Skull got buried.

About a month ago, I knuckled down and finished piecing the top and back. It took another month to quilt it, because I wanted each section to be different. I used pink and brown threads, so that the overall quilting design would blend in the with the brown background, but the pink skull would pop.

The skull itself (in pink fabric) was quilted with pink thread in a repeating organic teardrop shape and done in pink thread so there was an echo skull on the back of the quilt.

The eye sockets got a dense pebble quilting treatment.

The nose was close line echo quilting.

The teeth were weird overlapping rectangles that mimic the shape of a tooth.

I had SO MUCH FUN quilting this darn thing!

I personalized it with a label. (and yes, I misspelled “fuchsia.” bah whatever.)

And, because that dude’s got a sense of humor, I added this:

The quilt is now in Johnny Utah’s possession, hopefully getting lots of use. 🙂



Brown fabric is Kona Cotton in Chocolate and Espresso.

Pink fabrics are from a variety of shops, which I can’t remember all of here, but include Harper’s and Sarah’s.

Personalized label made using iron-on labels you print on your inkjet printer.

“This took forever” labels found here.

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