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One week ear update

Today was my one week appointment and a new cochlear implant MAP. I have to say, I left that appointment feeling MUCH better than I have over the last week! We did two main things today: I took a regular hearing test with just the implant on, and we remapped my decibel levels.

For the mapping process, I went through the usual sound testing where I listing for the “beep-beep-beep” tones and say when I can first hear the soft tones and then when the tone becomes unbearably loud. We repeat that process for a variety of pitches to create the new MAP. This week’s MAP was a larger decibel range than last week and allowed me a bigger range of sounds to work within. This means that everything does not sound like the same monotonous tone anymore! YAY! I can almost discern the shape of words now. Still can’t hear each letter and it’s still fuzzy and unclear, but I can hear voices!

Next, we did the hearing test to see how well I could do with just the implant on. My hearing level is in “normal” ranges, like “hearing person” range! I thought that was simply incredible given that just a week ago I was 100% deaf in that ear. Can you say crazy? So now, the brain has to catch up!

On a physical level, I am still experiencing mild “magnet burn” on occasion. And frequently, if I leave it on all day, my jaw and throat ache in the evening. Headaches are pretty common still too. Supposedly these will dissipate over time…

In all though, it was a good day 🙂


3 thoughts on “One week ear update

  1. yay for progress!!! I’m still very much at the oh I hear you are talking but are you sure it was the English language stage of my CI. Can’t wait to hear more updates! when do you go back in for another MAP?


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