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Quilting is my Therapy {website redesign}

Earlier this week I got to work on a really cool project. Y’all know Angela Walters, long-arm quilter extraordinaire, right?? Well, she handed her website over to me and asked for an updated look. She had no requests other than it look clean, professional, and much like her branding that I did for her last year. That is the coolest kind of client to have — the one who gives you free reign over your creation. It’s also the most daunting because WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT????

So, I spent several days trolling the interwebs for theme ideas that would allow me to create the pages I wanted for her Quilting is My Therapy site. Previously, it functioned primarily as a blog with additional pages for all the other wonderful stuff that she does. I wanted to give her something that would showcase everything she’s involved in, not just her blog. Also I knew I needed to get it done fast, so custom themes are the quickest way to do that.

Monday, I told her I was ready to go. I put her site in maintenance mode around 4pm that day. And I sat my fanny on the couch at home and worked nonstop for about 7 hours. I told her it was ready, and *crossed my fingers hoped to die* that it worked for her!

Needless to say, she did. *whew* Her site has been live this week and, after ironing out a few wrinkles, seems to be working fabulously for her.

The biggest change I made, was to give her a professional homepage complete with a custom background and colors. This allowed her to show photos of anything she wanted, and link to blog posts, forum pages, events, classes, and anything she needed.


Her blog page became her secondary page, and was modernized a bit with new fonts and a new layout.


And her portfolio page was redesigned to showcase all her individual works and clients. Remember that list of names she had before? Well now it’s much more pictorial and engaging to the viewer. This page is still having content added to it, but the overall look is complete.


So if you missed all the links through this post already, go check out her site! And, seriously, for 7 hours, it looks pretty darn good. 😉


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