cochlear implant

Four month CI update

This week, I am happy to say, I am feeling pretty good and settled in with my cochlear implant! It’s only taken four months, heh.

For a couple weeks recently, I had a spot behind my ear that was really sensitive and puffy and kept scabbing up. It turns out it was a hair follicle that was growing back and ended up ingrown. You ladies probably know what that feels like… Anyhoos, once that got straightened out, the puffiness and sensitivity went away and it feels 97% NORMAL again! Do you know what a relief that is??? I can touch my head again and not have pain. I barely register that there’s an oddity in my skull. I mean it’s there, but it’s mostly become a part of me now. It’s ok and doesn’t seem to be an alien object that’s been embedded in my brain. It’s useful. It’s helpful. I sorta like it!

I’m wearing the implant full time and actually… enjoying it. I did not think I’d get to that point! I’m glad!!


Things I’ve noticed I can hear that were hard to hear before:

  • Female voices!
  • Music in the car
  • Music in restaurants (that background music they play)
  • The doorbell
  • The ice machine!
  • My phone ringing
  • People talking at a distance
  • Directional sound!
  • Bama’s squeaks!


Things that are really annoying right now:

  • The toilet flushing
  • The workman who are renovating at my office using drills and jackhammers (sigh)
  • Sirens
  • High heels on tile
  • A group of people laughing at the same time (oy! this makes my head hurt still….)


Can’t wait to see what the next four months bring!


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