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Just start. NOW.

I keep finding reasons to procrastinate from blogging. I don’t know why. I’ve always enjoyed it and it’s never far from my mind. But I constantly think, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then, so much time passes, you don’t know where to start. And you keep putting it off and putting it off and putting it off…. Story of our lives, eh?

So, enough. Today, I will start again. Mainly because I like being able to type up the stories that go with my photos. But also because I want my daughter to someday see how much she was loved in her life.

Thus….meet Mabel. The light and joy of my life (along with my husband, of course). My current favorite photos of them are of them taking naps together. Mat is the best father ever. They make my heart melt.


Mabel is 7.5 months old now, and loving every minute of growing up! Sometimes she’s a blur of action and it’s super hard to get a clear photo of her!


She adorable in yellow. I just want to eat her up.


This family photo is another one of my favorites right now, from her six-month photo shoot. I know you can’t see myself or Mat much other than our hands, but I think it’s so indicative of how we are with her right now. We surround her in all the love we can possibly give her.

photo credit: camera linz

And finally, I will leave you with her laugh. May it make your day bright.


xo, sarah


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