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A lemony dress for a lemony girl

I sewed a dress! A dress for little Mabel. I found some lemon fabric online and bought it specifically to make her a dress because she’s outgrown all her lemon clothes (except for one adorable romper she can’t wear until summer….)

After searching for days for the “perfect” pattern, I settled on the bubble dress by Oliver + S. It’s SO CUTE! For the most part, the instructions were relatively clear. I’ve never sewn a dress quite like this though, and had no idea what a placket was, so I had to google a lot of stuff. I also found this sew-along quite helpful!

The hardest part for me was sewing the buttonholes. For whatever reason, my sewing machine manual says just this: “mark the buttonhole and sew it.” That’s pretty much it. Much googling later, I gave up and asked the experts in my Kansas City Modern Quilt Club for help. Shout out to those ladies who got me through this mess!

Finally, we have a dress!




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