Mom Memory {2}

Today, Mat and I took the day off work. We took Mabel to IKEA to pick out a “big girl bed.” On the way up to Merriam, I realized that the last time I’d been to IKEA had been with Mabel and Mom.

Mom had never been to an IKEA and she went with me and helped me get the play kitchen set that I would dress up for Mabel for Christmas that year. We ran around the store, looked at children’s stuff, and even sat in some of the same beds then that I looked at today.

After a wonderful trip today where Mabel chose her bed, her linens, and four new stuffed animals, Mat and I got everything set up and she’s now sound asleep in her new cove.

With both kids asleep, I’ve had time to peruse my photos and I figured out that our trip with Mom was almost exactly a year ago: November 19, 2016. I also saw from our trip that we were so enamored with Mabel, we took no photos of ourselves. Here, you can see Mom’s arm, then a foot, then part of her helping Mabel push the cart:

Finally, I snapped this last one when we’d gotten back home.

I remember it being a great trip. And that I was pregnant with Lincoln but I couldn’t share the news yet. I remember it being SO HARD to keep that secret that day!

I do wish I had more pictures of Mom. Remember that, with your own loved ones. Pictures are worth so much when that person is gone.

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