Mom Memory {3}

Last week I had a terrible cold. My sinuses were totally congested and I was inhaling cold&sinus medicine like it was water. Cough drops were mandatory. In fact, I went to sleep sucking on them several times.

On one such night, I woke in the middle of the night with my mother’s voice in my head. She was admonishing me to not sleep with cough drops. In my half-sleep state, I recalled her story from around a year ago when she’d just had a dentist appointment.

They told me I had a cavity again, in that same spot! I don’t understand how I always have a cavity in the upper right molars. I brush and floss daily! It makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

Can’t you just hear her too?

Then the dentist told me that one of the common reasons for cavities appearing in the same spot was due to something being held in the mouth on a frequent basis, such as hard candy, gum, or a cough drop.

My jaw dropped in amazement, because when I have a cold or a sinus infection, I go to sleep sucking on cough drops! How else are you supposed to sleep?? I won’t be doing that anymore! It’s just so interesting!

Her “ah-ha! eureka!” face following her story was priceless, and I remember bursting out laughing because a) who would have ever thought of that, and b) who falls asleep with cough drops in their mouth??

Apparently I do, and I’m not so different from my mom in that regard.

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