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Angels don’t need coats

Today is a rainy, gloomy day. We all put on raincoats before getting in the car. I chose to wear Mom’s raincoat that I kept. In the car, Mabel pipes up from the backseat:

“That beautiful coat, mommy! Where from? It from Mindy?”

“It was Grandma Debby’s,” I tell her.

“Why?” she asks.

“Why what?” I say.

“Why give you that?”

I pause for a moment. I tell her, “Grandma Debby doesn’t need it anymore, so I kept it.”

“Why?” she says again. “Why not need it?”

I hold back tears and tell her, “Remember Grandma Debby went to heaven? And she’s an angel there? Well, angels don’t need coats.”

“Yeah,” she says, starting to sing. “Angels don’t need coats. Kitties don’t need coats. Mabel needs coat. Mommy needs coat. But angels don’t need coats… ”

I wish with all my heart my Mom still needed her coat.



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