about me

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Mathew, Mabel, Lincoln, and I. October 2017.

I am a dabbler. I like to try anything at least once. I read, write, knit, sew, quilt, crochet, weave. I can’t live without a good mocha or a couple of cats. I hate to exercise but I know I must; I love to play volleyball (so never call it exercise). There are never enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.

I have a hearing loss. I am completely deaf in the left ear and have a profound loss in the right. I finally made the leap and got a cochlear implant in my left ear. Some days I am more hearing than deaf; other days it’s the opposite. I enjoy silence, but often realize how deep silence is as soon as I hear a sound. I adore music. I hate the refrigerator ice-maker.

And finally, I’m a new mom (again) and loving the family life. There’s a ton of things out there to blog about, so bear with me. My blog won’t focus on a single entity, but on all things that fascinate me. You can always reach me at moshiecreations@gmail.com.