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Jacquie is { branded }

Another wonderful quilter, blogger and friend has been given her own brand! This one was for Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  Jacquie is the most wonderful person and I just love her! Her request for a new look started months and months and months ago. For one reason or another, time just flew by this year while we worked on making her new look perfect for her.

Then, just when we were nearing completion, a wrench got thrown in the works. Jacquie made the announcement that she and her hubby were moving to Chicago! After mourning the loss of this lovely lady as our KC Modern Quilt Guild president, Jacquie and I started the discussion on what to do now? This look we’d decided on wasn’t going to work for Chicago. It was too prairiesque and wouldn’t really mesh with her new lifestyle. So, we started over. And finally, we have a great new look!

new blog header


favicon (that little icon in the browser address bar)


one of 5 sidebar buttons


Jacquie also has a new twitter background and business cards to use. It was a pleasure working with her!


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