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It’s all about string

Last weekend I woke up to this:


STOP. She is SO CUTE. I can’t EVEN.

On Saturday, we took Mabel to her first parade downtown — the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade. We got there early so we could snag a spot near the street to provide her with easy viewing.Then we just stood around and chatted and waited for the parade to start. Took a couple family photos, of which this one is my fav:


And accepted all the crap that passerbys and vendors hand out at these things. One item happened to be a wooden popsicle stick with ribbon tied to the end of it. Once Mabel noticed the ribbon, all else was forgotten.

She glanced up at the horses a few times, and went right back to chewing on her ribbons. But hey, we had fun!

For lunch, we tried out the new Louisiana Jazz place downtown. It was pretty good!


And Mabel fell asleep in middle of it all, finally.


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