family time

Cookie day

Last Saturday was Cookie Day for my mom, sister, Renee, and her daughter, Haylee. It was SO MUCH FUN. I kid you not.

We spent the entire day baking cookies, eating them, having a few drinks here and there (I made Apple Cider Sangrias — YUM), and just generally having a blast.

A quick look at a small portion of what we made:

And we can’t leave out the sugar cookies, of course:


We took selfies shamelessly. Here’s me and mom:


and me and Suzy:


Somehow I missed taking a selfie with Renee (sorry Renee!). But here’s her gorgeous daughter, Haylee!


And the mandatory photo of Mabel, who was in the thick of it all day long:


Bama took a bath, and then a nap:


When the rest of us were done, Suzy started her gingerbread men.


This one was Haylee’s favorite:


She ate it head first:


I LOVE the mustaches and one-eyed trees!


And before we died completely, Mat took a photo of us all:


and then we fell apart:



Almost a week later, and I’m about out of cookies….. Another one soon, ladies??


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